Bay Window radiators from DQ Heating

With popularity dating back to the Victorian era, the bay window was commonly used to create the illusion of a larger room whilst allowing a greater amount of light to enter in comparison to the conventional window.

With numerous British homes being influenced by Victorian style and architecture, a bay window radiator is a fitting choice for providing heat for the room without having a radiator in the main living space. With regards to heating the room, a bay window is the ideal position for a radiator since this is most often than not the coldest spot of the room.

At DQ Heating, we offer both Angled and Curved (pictured) Column Radiators from our Modus range. These Radiators are made to order from Italy to our customers’ specifications.

Unfortunately we cannot quote or supply a angled or curved radiator without a template.

Please note: We require a template of the bay where the radiator is to be fitted before we can quote or process any order. We strongly recommend that any angled or curved modus is manufactured with welded feet as once these are signed off, they cannot be changed or modified.

For help to work out the Angled or Curved Modus you require and for prices, please contact our sales office on 01842 810833 or email

Delivery is 6-8 weeks from date of order processing.

Maximum length of Angled or Curved Modus Radiators is 40 sections. If ordering Angled Modus, please bear in mind only two Angles can be produced.

Please contact DQ Heating to find out more about Bay Window Radiators